We provide technical service and commercial service in China for domestic and overseas small to medium manufacturers in automation industry. We are committed to becoming the preferred service provider for small to medium-size manufacturers in automation industry.

Technical Service

We are in China, to provide efficient, professional and reliable local technical services, which can save substantial travel costs for enterprises. For end users, we bring  shorter service response time. Meanwhile, the barrier-free communication can also bring you closer to end user. The partnership with us will make it easier for you to seize the Chinese market.

We provide the on-site installation and commissioning of specialized equipments. Our professional mechanical and electrical team can guarantee the quality of service. We are skilled in position and installation for off-line/on-line machine, cable tray bridge installation, machine adjustment and calibration, design fault rectification, and machine retrofit. We have PLC and motion experts, able to provide support for Siemens, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, B&R control systems etc. The motion technology can include digital cam, flying saw, dancing control, superposition and interpolation etc.. We also do commissioning for KUKA, ABB, FANUC robots. At the same time, we have a strong consultant team and extensive professional networking, so that we are capable of handling special applications and technical problems.

We also provide daily technical support through phone or email, so that the problems from end users can be resolved in the first place. We provide training service for using the equipments, so that end users are more familiar with your equipments, and ensure that the equipment is properly used, which is crucial.

Commercial Service

We offer our customers a flexible and transparent commercial service to adapt various sales strategy and drastically save workload. We can provide:


Equipments and spare parts agent. We have own import/export license and abundant experience. Customers will get an exclusive access to the on-line ERP system, through which , every step of sales including quotation and quantity is visible.

Marketing & sales services. We can also conduct market promotion for our clients, such as  partitipating in Expo and other media promotion activities. Our professional experience and extensive resources in the industry, especially in the automobile industry, will surely add value to clients sales promotion in China.